Working with you to deliver new models of care

Home Group’s new models of care provide integrated health, housing and social care services. We work in partnership with the NHS and local government to achieve the triple aim of improving population health, the quality of customer care, and reducing costs.

Last year we worked with over 26,000 people in our specialist services including those with complex health needs, learning disabilities and mental health issues. 

To achieve this we've established a clinical team to bring health expertise into our services. This team has helped us develop innovative services that support people to:

  • Reduce their need for care
  • Reduce time spent in in-patient settings
  • Avoid admission to hospital
  • Reduce levels of paid support
  • Maximise independence

We share the NHS's goal of delivering high quality health care closer to peoples’ homes. We provide bespoke services in the community that can accommodate all types of need along a sliding scale, employing our own clinicians where necessary to complement our support offer.

Our integrated health services focus on preventative interventions and address the root causes of poor health to improve wellbeing and patient outcomes.