What is the tenancy notice period for a Home Group customer?


If you want to end your tenancy you must give us at least four weeks written notice on weekly tenancy or one calendar month notice on a monthly tenancy. 

We’ll arrange to visit you to check whether you need to carry out any repairs before you move out. 

You must pay the rent until you move out and leave your home in an unfurnished, clean and tidy condition. 

You must return all of your keys to us. 

If you do not return the keys on that date, we will charge you for the cost of changing the locks and if necessary we will continue to charge you rent until we have regained possession of the property.

Practical information about leaving your property

We’ll try to let your home to a new customer as soon as possible after you move out. 

Please expect to show prospective customers around your home before you leave. 

We’ll always accompany customers viewing your home and will make an appointment with you first. 

Depending on whether your rent is due weekly or monthly we will charge you for every week or month until we know officially that you are ending your tenancy. 

We will take steps to recover any money you owe us.