I am unable to use iSupplier Portal to submit invoices. What should I do?


Home Group recommends that all our suppliers who receive Purchase Orders through iSupplier Portal submit their invoices using iSupplier Portal. This ensures prompt payment in accordance with our payment terms, by matching invoices to Purchase Orders quickly and efficiently for input directly into our system.

In a small number of cases invoices may be submitted by methods other than our iSupplier Portal but may experience delays in payment. Please ensure that any invoices submitted via methods other than iSupplier Portal - whether paper-based or electronic - are set out to match the corresponding Purchase Order, clearly stating the Purchase Order number, to reduce this risk.

For invoices submitted by methods other than iSupplier Portal, electronic documents such as PDFs should be sent to, and printed paper based invoices should be sent to Home Group, PO BOX 106, Blyth, NE24 9DW, for matching to Purchase Orders via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Please note that while printed paper based invoices can be submitted, hand-written paper based invoices will not be accepted.