Candidate Zone - how to apply for a job and more

If you're the perfect match for one of our jobs then we'd love to hear from you.

1: Get your application ready

You don't need to complete a job application form, as your CV with a covering letter will do nicely. If you're stuck for ideas we've even got a CV and covering letter template for you to download and use.  

We’re looking for brilliant people that live our values and will help us make a difference. So let us know in your covering letter, what you will bring to the role and what our values mean to you. Also check out the job description (you’ll find this as a link in the advert) and tell us what skills and experiences you have that match what we need.




2: Time to apply

To apply, all you need to do its click on the vacancy, create a login and upload your covering letter and CV. It's as simple as that. It really is straightforward, but if you need a little extra help we have some handy guides on applying. You can also contact us on our LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

Guide to applying Create your log in

3: Hearing back from us

You'll soon hear if you've been shortlisted for an interview, we'll also let you know if you haven't, so keep an eye on your emails. You then just need to book an interview with us by choosing a convenient time.

How to book an interview

4: Prepare for your interview

We know interviews can be daunting, but we're not here to catch you out or make you feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite. We just want to find out more about you and what makes you brilliant, so here's some tips that will help:

  • Do your research

    • Knowing more about us will help you prepare thoroughly for your interview. Not only will it show us that want to work here, it means you can tailor your responses to demonstrate how your experience and skills fit with what we’re looking for. It’s a two way street too, so will help you confirm that you want to join us. Our website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are a great place to start.

  • Be prepared

    • Make sure you know where you’re going and have plenty of time to get there. There’s nothing worse than being late or getting lost, especially before an interview.

      In your interview, we’ll be asking you questions around our four values (accountable, caring, commercial and energised) and looking for you to demonstrate our brilliant people behaviours.

      Brilliant People Behaviours
      Take some time to think about your skills, experiences and qualities in advance and have some examples ready. We’ll be asking you questions like; 

      - Tell us about a really tight deadline you worked hard to meet and how you did this.
      - When have you gone above and beyond to deliver brilliant outcomes for your customers?
      - Tell us something that you’re really proud of which you’ve achieved as part of a team.

      We want you to shine like a star at your interview, so why not use the Star technique to help you structure your answers to the questions; 


  • On the day

    • Bring your proof of right to work in the UK, qualifications (as well as photocopies) and anything else that you have been asked to bring such as a presentation or portfolio. To help you feel at ease, its fine by us if you want to bring notes on questions that you want to ask or things you don’t want to forget to tell us about.

      You’ll find that we’re a friendly bunch, so don’t worry if you get stuck a question, need us to repeat it or come back to it later. We’re ok with that.

      You’ll have some time at the end of your interview to ask us any questions, such as what’s it like to work here, development opportunities, or to find out more about the role.

      Then relax.  Once your interviews done, we’ll let you know the next steps and when you can expect to hear from us.