Our business areas

You can discover more about the kind of roles we offer by taking a look at our business areas below to find out the type of exciting opportunities are available.

  • Care and support

    • We are one of the largest providers of care and support in the UK and are committed to reducing the impact of homelessness and social disadvantage through the provision of specialist housing with care and support to meet a wide range of complex needs.

      We have 470 services UK wide, supporting over 30,000 clients per year through supported housing, justice and health services.

      Typical roles include: housing concierge, support worker, training officer and client service manager.
  • Customer services

    • Our aim is to create great experiences for all of our customers through delivering our customer promise - doing the basics brilliantly and delivering magic touches where we can!

      We work in more than 200 local authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales, housing over 120,000 customers in 55,000 homes delivering houses to people in a variety of need.

      Roles within customer services include: landscape gardener, housing management worker, customer services partner, scheme manager and supported sousing officer.
  • Enterprise and development

    • As a social housing provider we like to build our own houses so we have a dedicated team to enable this to happen.

      We develop high quality homes and vibrant communities that are designed to last.

      We focus on the quality of design to ensure each opportunity is developed to its maximum potential – creating exceptional places for people to live.

      Our asset management team provide outstanding management of our residential and commercial property portfolios ensuring that we fully understand the condition of our stock and provide a strategic approach to planned investment and opportunities to improve our communities.

      Roles within enterprise and development include: facilities officer, sales and marketing assistant, business support advisor and development manager.

  • Internal support functions

    • Our head office functions are the areas that work to support our front line colleagues to be able to deliver on our customer and client promises.

      These areas ensure that we comply with legislation, manage our money and our technology and keep colleagues, customers and clients safe and informed.

      Departments within head office include: business assurance, finance, procurement, health and safety, human resources & development (HRD), legal, strategy and communications, policy and compliance and information systems (IS).