Services for young people

Aged between 16-25 and need somewhere to live, but don’t feel ready to face it alone? We have a range of accommodation and services for people like you who need extra support they‘re not getting elsewhere.


Depending on where you live this may include:



•    A shared house - with between 1 and 10 other young people.   Some houses are staffed 24/7; or it might be that a support worker comes to see you a couple of times a week.  You would have a say about the level of staff support you want.


•    A foyer – this is a large building you would share with lots of other people.   Foyers have a strong focus on helping you get into education, training or employment.  They have more facilities than a house – including things like IT suites and staff dedicated to training.  It may also have groups and activities you can get involved in.


•    Supported lodgings - this is where you live in someone’s home with a person who works alongside Home Group staff to give you support.  Our hosts could be single people, couples or have families, but you can choose what kind of setting you feel most comfortable in.  Some hosts may have other young people living with them.


•    Support for you in your home - with things that you identify you need help with to remain living there such as budgeting or neighbour relationships.



All the accommodation we provide is different. Some have en-suite toilet/shower facilities but in other properties you would share a bathroom.  Everyone has access to shared kitchen and sitting room facilities.  We try to make sure that wherever you move in to it feels like a home.  We encourage you to bring your own things and wherever possible you get to choose how you want the room re-decorated to suit you.



We will work with you to identify what support you need, how often you need it and who you would like to deliver it.  There will be lots of opportunities to get involved but it is up to you to choose how much you want to do this.



What do we ask of you?   



•    To be considerate of the other people you are living with and the local community.


•    To engage with the support you’ve requested;


•    Where you live in our accommodation, to pay your rent and, if required, make sure you do everything you need to get Housing Benefit.


•    To not break any laws whilst in your accommodation



If you would like to find out more about whether we can offer you accommodation and support in your area please SEARCH FOR A SERVICE.