Our rules and polices

There are some things you have to agree to if you want to live with us.

House rules and tenure



There are house rules within each of our properties which will be discussed during the assessment process.



Copies of this can be obtained prior to referral if needed by contacting theweyforward@homegroup.org.uk or calling: 01252516106.



Clients who live within our service sign a licence agreement upon entry to the service.




Residents access



Clients at Samuel Cody House are given a key for their individual room and have access to the building via a door entry system.



There is a site curfew at Samuel Cody House between 12 midnight and 7am where access is not given.



Clients that live in the move on properties have a front door key and a key to their individual room. There is not a curfew at our move on project.







Each property has rules about visitors, these will be discussed during the assessment process and again at induction.



Copies of this can be obtained prior to referral if needed by contacting theweyforward@homegroup.org.uk or calling: 01252 516106.



At Samuel Cody House there are visiting hours and no overnight visitors are permitted.



At the move on properties overnight visitors are allowed.



In all of our properties it is asked that no more than two visitors at one time are allowed in without prior consent from staff.



Under 16 year olds are not permitted on any of our premises




Client participation



There are regular House Meetings at Samuel Cody House which everything living there has to attend.



Clients are involved in drafting local policies and procedures and are consulted in changes being made.



Clients are encouraged to participate in the National Client Involvement network, where there are many options for clients to be involved in the organisation and the service where they live.




About us




We welcome volunteers. For further information, please call 01252 516106.






The Wey Forward is a non-profit organisation and any financial support that can be added to our welfare fund would be hugely appreciated. This fund is used to help clients directly.



The Wey Forward welcomes donations of household items that are in good condition and comply with current Health and Safety legislation.



Food parcels, age appropriate games and DVDs, gift vouchers and anything that may be practical to the service.



Please call 01252 516106 to enquire on how to make donations.



Public transport and local links



Samuel Cody House is situated within a 5 minute walk from Ash Vale and North Camp stations.



Our move on projects are close to bus stops and within walking distance to local amenities.



The local Job Centre is in Aldershot which is one stop via train from Ash Vale station.



Ash Health Centre is located within walking distance from the service.



We have close links with local colleges and other youth training programmes.



Call us on: 01252 516106 or email: theweyforward@homegroup.org.uk






The Wey Forward Project


Samuel Cody House




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