Wey Forward Youth Project

If you are homeless (or think you’re about to become homeless) and aged 16 to 24 – The Wey Forward could provide a lifeline to you.

If you are homeless (or think you’re about to become homeless) and aged 16 to 24 – The Wey Forward could provide a lifeline to you.



As well as providing accommodation we can help you achieve your ambitions such as getting into education, training or work.  



If you are already in education or training – and that’s under threat because of your living arrangements – we can support you with that too.



Our staff work with up to 13 young people at any one time, giving them a roof over their heads while developing the skills needed to live more independently.



We’ll also encourage you to find hobbies and interests, so you find ways to use your spare time productively.




Who can we accept?



If you’re aged 16-24 and have a local connection to Guildford or Waverley Borough Councils, then you will have priority.



However, we will consider any young person who has a connection to Surrey.




How do I apply?



You can’t apply yourself – you need to be referred by the Surrey Youth Support Service, local housing authorities, other housing providers and any other agency that works with our client group within the community such as youth groups and CMHRS.

We can help you get in touch with those organisations - by e-mailing: theweyforward@homegroup.org.uk or calling: 01252516106

You’ll need to have proof of ID and be registered with your local housing authority.



It is also helpful to have some an income in place such as state benefits.




Waiting list and vacancies



We do operate a waiting list which is prioritised in terms of individual need.



Vacancies vary and are all sent to the Surrey Youth Support Service, Guildford Borough Council and Waverley Borough Council.

What's on offer?

Staffing and support



There are 6 full time staff, who cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Engaging in support is a condition of living within our service.



Sessions are held on a weekly basis between the client and their Link Worker.  



You would sit down and agree on a plan which covers the following:



•    Improving a Young Person’s Independent Living Skills


•    Improving a Young Person’s Pro-Social Behaviour


•    Improving a Young Person’s Physical, Emotional Well Being and Mental Health


•    Feeling Safe in Their Accommodation


•    Achieving Through Participation in Education, Training and Employment


•    Family and Friends Relationships


•    Network with Their Local Community



Health services



The Wey Forward Project offers support with:



•    Registering with a GP


•    Mental Health


•    Counselling


•    Substance Use


•    Sexual Health


•    Dental health


•    Staying safe



Access to move-on accommodation



Staff give support with move-on options and resettlement.



This may be though a local housing authority, a private landlord or another supported housing project.



The Wey Forward also has two move-on houses which are our second-stage accommodation based services with floating support.






There are 13 bed spaces situated in 3 buildings.



There are 7 bedsits at Samuel Cody House



This includes one 48hr emergency bed and one 3 month assessment bed that are direct access from Surrey YSS.



The bedsits are fully furnished and equipped with all the basic equipment required for one person occupancy.



Clients share the communal bathrooms and toilets.



Other facilities include a communal lounge, utilities room and garden, IT facilities and access to local agencies.



The other two properties are 3 bed semi detached houses within the community.



Current personal charges of £10.58 per week are required from residents, with other rent charges usually being covered by housing benefit but this can depend on the individual’s income.


There are some things you have to agree to if you want to live with us.  Read more about them here.