Tyneside Foyer

The Tyneside Foyer is for young people aged 16-25 who are at risk of being homeless or isolated.

They may already be in education or training, which is under threat due to problems with living arrangements or their financial situation. We treat each person as an individual – working with them to achieve their ambitions no matter what their background, experience or skills. However, we can’t accept people directly – they have to be referred by Newcastle City Council’s Gateway.  




You can contact the Newcastle Gateway on 0191 2771708.  



As part of the admissions process there will be a full assessment of needs and risks.  



You’ll need some form of ID.




The accommodation



The Tyneside Foyer is based in Newcastle city centre.  



It has 52 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, there are shared communal kitchens, and communal common room.



The Foyer also offers move on accommodation in the form of 20 self-contained flats.





Support is available on site seven days a week from 8am till 9pm; the service also has 24 hour concierge support.

All clients are allocated a link worker from within the permanent staff team, who will work with the clients to develop a personal support plan.



This is tailored to the needs of the individual.



As part of the support plan, we will also provide practical advice and support to assist service users in obtaining suitable move-on accommodation.



We will ensure that the appropriate follow-up support is in place to assure the success of the move-on option.

Rules and polices

All clients are issued with a licence agreement for an initial period of 13 weeks.



We actively discourage and challenge harassment or discrimination of any kind, and have both a complaints procedure and anti-harassment policy.



These are explained to all new clients at the time we issue a licence.



Clients are also required to abide by the house rules, which run alongside the licence agreement and which are reviewed regularly.



Learn with us



The Tyneside Foyer offers a range of education and training opportunities for anyone, even if they're not living with us.



Find out more about them by clicking here.



Hire a room



If you need a meeting or training room for up to 40 people, in the heart of Newcastle city centre, the Tyneside Foyer has state-of-the-art facilities at a very reasonable cost.



For more information, click here.