Mental health care services

Mental health problems affect around a quarter of people at some point in their lives. Find out what support is available if you, or someone you know, needs help.

Often, sufferers don’t realise they have an issue and, even if they do, they are frightened to seek help because of the stigma that they feel surrounds the conditions.  



Also, poor mental health can lead to homelessness, which often contributes to a vicious cycle of despair.


There is a lot of help available from the NHS and organisations including Home Group.  You won’t be judged and some of the people you deal with will have been through similar problems to yourself.



What are mental health problems?



Most mental health problems can be categorised into two categories - neurotic or psychotic.



Neurotic health issues are the most common forms of mental health issue, and are normally seen as severe normal forms of emotional stress such as depression or anxiety.



Psychotic mental health issues are less common – they affect a person’s reality e.g. bi-polar or schizophrenia.



One of the biggest problems with diagnosing mental health conditions is that they don’t have any physical symptoms.  If you, a friend or a relative needs to talk to someone about their mental health you can make an appointment with your GP or visit the NHS mental health checker.



What treatments are available?



The two most common methods of treatment offered through the NHS are counselling and medication.  These treatments are aimed at relieving, and dealing with, mental stress.



If you feel you can’t cope on your own at home there are other options available to you.  Home Group provides:



Recovery services



We work with clients in helping people regain and maintain control of their lives. Key elements include:



•    Finding and maintaining hope;


•    Focusing on what makes you feel good;


•    Learn what works for you;


•    Take responsibility and control;


•    Build self confidence


•    Supportive relationships.



We treat people as individuals – identifying what they want out of life and help them to get there.



Supported living services



In these we offer short, medium and longer term accommodation to people suffering, and recovering, from serious periods of mental illness. We support people with daily living skills, how to stay safe, managing money and finding meaningful ways to spend time.  



Admissions prevention



We support people in mental health crisis (or in danger of their situation becoming a crisis) to avoid admission to hospital.  These services include short stays in 24 hour supported accommodation as an alternative to in-patient stay.



Peer support



We have support workers who have been through mental health problems themselves.  They know what suffers are going through and go to show that life can get better with the right help and support.


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