Ex offender services

People who commit offences often face a number of difficulties, but with the right support, can make better choices and take steps towards crime-free lives. Providing good quality accommodation is at the core of our work, although we offer different types of support in various parts of the country.

We achieve this by treating everyone as an individual, and working with them to agree the areas where they would like support and assistance.  

We deliver a wide range of services where ex-offenders and those at risk of entering the justice system are welcomed and supported, including:

•    Supported housing

•    Help for people with alcohol, drug or mental health issues

•    Floating support services, where we offer a range of assistance to people within their own homes

•    Programmes both in the community and sometimes in prison, to help with job search skills, or finding accommodation.



How can I get help?




You can search for a supported housing service here. Enter the relevant post code and select your client group from the drop down list. 



We appreciate that everyone’s needs are unique to them, and we recognise that people need to overcome a number of challenges for them to begin leading crime-free lifestyles.




Sometimes there can be two steps forward and one step back, and in our experience it may take time to overcome what can be very difficult problems.




We are committed to supporting people, and as part of this we try to encourage customers to take responsibility for their actions, and to accept the harm that their offending causes to other people.




We are proud of our successes, and the very real progress that people have made whilst using our services.