Domestic abuse and families

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone – women or men – regardless of their race, religion, class or age.

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone – women or men – regardless of their race, religion, class or age.  



The most important things to remember is that it isn’t your fault and there is help available.



Home Group provides a range of services that could help you, or someone you know, who is suffering.



If you feel you are being abused...



•    You're not alone, many women and men experience domestic abuse in their lifetime


•    You don't have to deal with this on your own; there is a huge amount of support available


•    It is not your fault.


•    You cannot change your partner.


•    Don’t forget that domestic abuse is wrong and is against the law.



Acknowledging that you are being abused is a big step.  



We are here to support you at a pace that suits you.



We will work with you and any other involved professionals, assessing your needs and, where necessary, will put you in touch with services appropriate to your needs to ensure to become empowered and enabled to live a safe and free life.



Domestic abuse isn’t always physical, although it often is.



What are the signs?



A quick way to find out whether you may be suffering domestic abuse is if you can answer yes to the following questions (note: you do not have to answer yes to all questions).




  • Do they:

    • •    Deliberately hurt you?
      •    Deliberately leave you short of money to buy food etc?
      •    Constantly check up to see where you are and who you are with?
      •    Humiliate you in front of others?
      •    Prevent you from seeing friends and family leaving you feelings isolated?
  • Do you:

    • •    Feel scared of your partner?
      •    Feel useless and unable to cope without them?
      •    Suffer from low self-esteem and feel like you are being talked down to?
      •    Worry about how to please you partner?
      •    Feel you are being forced into doing things that you don’t want to?

Useful links

Women’s Aid and Refuge – National 24hr Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247


National helpline for women and children affected by domestic abuse





01823 334244


Helpline for men experiencing domestic abuse offering emotional support, providing practical advice, signposting to other services for specialist help.



Broken Rainbow


0300 999 5428


Support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people experiencing domestic abuse



Karma Nirvana


0800 5999 247


Support and advice around forced marriage, honour based violence, including female genital mutilation



National Stalking Helpline


0808 802 0300


Helpline providing guidance and information to anyone who is currently or has previously been affected by harassment or stalking.



Child line


0800 555 111


A confidential helpline dedicated to children and young people.