Community Wellbeing Service Gloucester

Many things affect our health and wellbeing, such as where we live, how we spend our time, our financial situation and our relationships with friends and family. Sometimes, we need some extra support, for example, when coping with a short or long term health situation, or when life throws other challenges our way.

The Gloucester Community Wellbeing Team is part of a countywide service and may be able to offer support and advice to guide you during these times. The service is open to anyone over the age of 16 years and it is simple to get in touch with your local team, either via your GP Practice or directly through Homegroup on 0300 131 0024.

First of all, a named member of the team will have a conversation with you about what matters to you, where your interests lie, what your strengths are and what would help meet the challenges you face. This may lead to some one-to-one support, connection with others in your community or an introduction to a group or organisation.

Homegroup have over 35 years’ experience of providing support services across Gloucestershire. From the 1st October 2017 we have been delivering the Community Wellbeing Service across Gloucester City. Our staff team are based across a range of locations and they are working in the local area to support individuals and the local communities.

Our experienced team take referrals from GP surgeries, local agencies and self-referrals. We spend time getting to know you and what matters to you creating a plan to help you take the next steps. For those who need a little extra assistance we liaise with other service providers on your behalf to ensure you get the support that you need to live the life you want. 

We deliver a range of support to address social and non-medical needs:

  • Identify personal assets that you can draw on
  • Provide advice about community assets including social groups, healthy activities, community pharmacies, self-help and volunteering
  • Promote digital resources to support and promote wellbeing
  • Person led support planning
  • A time limited action plan with clear criteria for success
  • Health coaching providing support for existing conditions
  • Links to experts by experience, local wellbeing groups and peer support groups as required
  • Referrals to groups, support to co-ordinate multiple health appointments, well home activity to address slips and trips, hoarding, fuel poverty
Our service will be delivered flexibly to meet the needs of the communities and the people we are working with.

Your Gloucester Community Wellbeing Team can help:

  • in times of change, for example after redundancy, health issues or retirement
  • in times of emotional hardship, such as after a bereavement
  • if you are worried about debt or financial issues
  • if you dont know where to turn for support
  • if you would like to volunteer in your community