Find out how CFO3 supports female offenders struggling with access to mainstream services both while in custody and when released.

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Our purpose is to support female offenders who struggle with accessing mainstream services - both while in custody and when they’re released.



Many of them have experienced difficulties accessing education and training – which makes finding better opportunities extremely difficult.



In custody we can work with participants for up to 3 years before release, and intensive support continues once participants are released into the community.



We aim to reduce social isolation and increase resilience.



We provide specialist support for targeted groups of offenders, including gang members, women exploited by the sex industry and women who have experienced domestic abuse.



They will be able to access health professionals, family counselling and a range of other services.



These are just a few examples of the groups of offenders who will receive additional support.



Who we work with



Support is available to serving prisoners and probation clients; serving prisoners are signed up in custody and can be signed over to a community worker on release.



Referrals can come via custody or community offender managers, via women's centres, specialist support agencies or self-referrals, providing the criteria is met.



What is the criteria?



•    UK resident with permission to work;  


•    Unemployed;


•    Over 18 years of age;


•    Serving a custodial sentence (with up to 3 years left to serve) OR;


•    Completing a post-custody licence / supervision or serving a community order;


•    Women on remand are also eligible. 

About us

We deliver services for Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS)

Home Group was successful in becoming a tier 2 provider delivering CFO3 to female offenders across the east of England.  



The contract is funded by the European Social Fund. Over 795 female offenders are planned to be supported during the life of the three 5¾ year contracts we deliver.



How to contact the service



For more information telephone the main Home Group CF03 office on 0345 141 4663 or write to:





39 Broadway