Information for clients, relatives, carers, referrers and professionals

Our mental health service offers information and advice to carers of people with mental health needs in Birmingham.



Support Includes:


Information and  signposting.  One to one support with personalised support plans.  A large variety of facilitated peer support groups throughout Birmingham.  We have a skilled team waiting to help.

The support on offer 

The service offers information and advice to carers of people with mental health needs which may include support to access respite, housing and finance. Carers can be of any age including young carers (those aged 4—17) years old). The individual support plans are tailored to the needs of the carer. The cared for individual is required to be registered with a Birmingham GP.

There are three core service elements which carers can access.

  • Universal information - provision of high quality information for carers including signposting to other agencies.
  • One to one support - based on an  individual support plan and working towards positive outcomes for carers of people with mental health needs.  Carers can access support for up to twelve sessions. Support workers will also encourage continuing engagement with relevant peer support groups to ensure ongoing success.
  • Peer support - enabling carers to develop self sustaining peer groups within the  community.  Groups will work together to influence policy and services and provide a social and supportive network of carers


How the service works


Referrals can be made by any agency or individual identifying a mental health carer who requires information or support. Individuals can also make referrals. Referring agencies may including GP`s and primary care staff, mental health services, community and voluntary organisations, schools and other services for young people. Please call our gateway line (information and referral line) from 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday.


Gateway Line: 0300 304 5530



Birmingham Mental Health Carer Support Service


8th Floor


Centre City


Hill Street




B5 4UA


Making a referral to our carer support service


If you want to make an application to the Birmingham Mental Health Carers Support Service please complete our application form below.

If you need help or support to complete our referral form, then please contact our information and referral line -  0300 304 5530


, and a member of our gateway team will be able to help you complete the application form over the phone.

Please find below both young carers application form and a generic application form.