Birmingham Mental Health Carer Support Service

We are a city wide service covering the whole of Birmingham. Our Service provides a range of support, information and advice to carers who support individuals with mental health needs.

Carers can be of any age and this includes young carers aged between four years old and 17 years of age.



We provide an individually tailored approach, focusing on the needs identified by carers themselves and we aim to work with you through the areas of support that you identify.



Carers can also contact our information and referral line to make a self referral or if you feel you need someone to talk to, you can give us a call, where we can give advice over the phone.



The information and referral line is open from 8am - 8pm daily, Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays.

Find out 'How to make a referral'

Areas of support

We provide support in many areas, these may include mental health and wellbeing, and helping individuals understand how to cope with difficulties. We aim to help carers plan strategies of support for themselves to make caring that little bit easier.



We help carers achieve respite and get support from statutory organisations, such as social services, so that carers can access respite.



We also help carers achieve respite and breaks from caring by supporting individuals to make applications for funding, so that they can get a holiday, or help and enable carers to access activities and groups within Birmingham so individual carers can get a regular break from their caring role. Individual carers however can define what they need and tell us what they think a break or respite is, and we will aim to work towards what an individual would want.



We also help carers understand what their rights are and what they are entitled to in relation to finances and benefits, and help carers access the right services that would be to assist them in their caring role.



We also offer support to carers to help carers with other areas, such as housing, debts and other practical areas that carers may need assistance with.



We work very closely with health professionals, statutory organisations, councils and other voluntary organisations to help carers access the support that they need, helping carers voice their concerns and liaising with professionals to help them with their caring role.



This might mean helping a carer access occupational therapy, or district nursing support, or psychologists, general practitioners so that individuals can get the practical support that they need.