Bail Accomodation Support Service (BASS)

"Helping to create a safe, just and democratic society"

The Bail Accommodation Support Service (BASS) is a programme which provides accommodation for offenders subject to home detention curfew and bailees in properties across England and Wales.

Robert, 34, was referred to BASS in early 2015 for a bail placement. He faced a variety of charges including assault and criminal damage.

He had a history of supplying drugs and was in the process of completing a residential mental health assessment.

BASS staff were advised that Robert posed a possible risk of harm to staff, and advised against lone working. However, most contact is undertaken by BASS staff working alone at the service user’s place of residence. So it was agreed that joint adequately managed staff safety risks.

To begin with Robert was reluctant to engage fully with staff, seemingly due to two staff being present.

There was no aggression, so the risk management plan was reviewed and appointments were offered with a lone staff member.

Immediately Robert become open to discussing his needs, and a more robust support plan was agreed and implemented.

Whilst he remained reluctant to explore former mental health concerns, his mood and behaviour were monitored and Robert was able to engage wholeheartedly with his rehabilitation.

He was helped with his financial situation. This included consolidation of court fines and assistance with housing benefit and a back-dated JSA claim.

Robert was encouraged to enrol on a range of courses including qualifications in accounts, retail and IT. He also obtained his Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) registration.

After approximately four months, his outstanding charges were dealt with, with some matters being discontinued, and a community sentence for the remainder.

At this point he moved into rental accommodation and started work at a fast food outlet.