Celebrating our customers of all ages and our 80th Birthday

As Home Group celebrates its 80th birthday, we thought we would take a stroll down memory lane and ask some of our older people services and young people groups, how they enjoy their summer days and what were they like 80 years ago compared to today.

Our customers at Walkmill Gardens Older Peoples Service, in the north west have fond memories of much better weather with warmer summers!

They played hop scotch, skipping and loved trips to the beach for a picnic armed with buckets and spades. Camping out, picking coal for beach fires, long walks, picking blue bells, primroses, fruit, bike rides, roller skates, making trolleys and carts to play on, filling tights with a ball and swinging it about, playing with hoola hoops, climbing trees, making swings, knock and hide, three sticks and fishing were much loved activities that filled the summer days. When inside they recalled playing dominoes, darts, playing cards and cat’s cradle.

They also reminisced about a special treat -  picking rhubarb and dipping it in sugar!

Nowadays our Walkmill Garden’s group still enjoy going for walks, gardening and just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.

80 years on, what do our young people enjoy today?

We spoke to young people who regularly meet up at the Youth Pod in South Harrow. The beach has definitely lasted the sands of time coming top of the list as a firm favourite. Splashing about in the waves and lazing about on the sand to while away the summer as well as meeting up with friends for a barbecue and ‘chilling in the park’ are on the list of days out in the sunshine.

These young people have also added a few newer activities to their list – as part of the inter generation work they’ve been part off with the In the Mix project they have made links with older people services in the community. Now people of all ages are looking forward to some warm summer outdoor activities together and are planning to play dominoes, bingo and skittles.

Hayley Scarlett, a Community Development Partner, at The Beacon in South Harrow, says: “Our projects have broken down stereotyped images linked to age, have captured people’s imagination, reduced the fear of crime and allowed customers the opportunity to recognise that there is a lot of commonality between them - no matter what the age difference.”