Our strategy

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Building homes, independence and aspirations

Home Group is changing.

The world in which we are operating is constantly evolving. New technologies, Government policies, regulations and reductions in grants all impact how we build homes and deliver our services. The country is facing a housing shortage, and we at Home Group are committed to do what we can to help.

We want to ensure we are in a strong position to provide the homes and services our customers need, at a price they can afford.

As a result, we have refreshed our strategy. Our mission - which you may well have seen in our communications already is ‘Building Homes, Independence and Aspirations’.

The strategy runs up until 2022, but will be regularly updated over this period. We are very keen to measure progress toward its delivery, and have developed four goals to achieve by 2022. These are:

  • Build 10,000 new homes
  • Be 20% more efficient
  • Be a market leader in New Models of Care
  • 90% of our customers regularly using a digital account

A lot more detail sits underneath these goals ...

Build 10,000 new homes by 2022

The new homes we are building are a mix of types of homes. We will increase the number of homes we are building for affordable rent in England and mid-market rent in Scotland. However, this means we need more money to fund the building. We will increase the amount of homes we build for sale, including through our new Persona brand, and use the proceeds from these sales to fund the development of more homes for rent.

Be 20% more efficient by 2022

Our efficiency goal is about doing things in a different way, while ensuring we deliver quality homes and services. As examples of what we’re doing: our systems are being simplified to avoid duplication; we have integrated our operational activity into one directorate; and we are using new technologies to reduce costs. This is not about cutting the quality of services; in contrast, it is about enhancing what we do through finding smart solutions. We want to ensure that our customers’ rent is spent in the most cost effective way.

Market leader in New Models of Care

‘New Models of Care’ is our new approach to supporting customers in achieving independence. We will be doing a lot more with the NHS, building on our existing track record in the areas of mental health and learning disabilities, and also supporting customers with long term conditions who, for example, may need help to stay in their own homes rather than in hospital. This will involve a change in that we will be doing more in the way of clinical activities, but this work remains at the heart of our mission. By focusing on longer term support and contracts, we know we can make a much bigger difference to our customers’ lives.

90% of our customers regularly using their digital accounts

We are changing the way that customers interact with Home Group. As part of this, we are keen to move towards more ‘self-serve’, where customers can contact us instantly through their devices to pay bills, request repairs and other communications. We want to make this as easy as possible for them. We recognise not all customers will want to contact us in this way, and will ensure that other ways are available, particularly for more vulnerable customers. However, we recognise that in many other sectors, consumers much prefer to use the likes of apps, websites and social media to communicate, and want to offer this as a solution to our customers. This is part of the brilliant new customer experience we are developing.

Your thoughts

We are keen for your feedback on how you feel we are developing the strategy. Our involvement team have worked with a number of customers to feed into its development, and we have recently surveyed customers to understand how we can support them in realising their aspirations as part of our social mission.

Let us know your views. Check out our 'Get involved' section.