Our Data Protection Officer

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance: Home Group appoints Austin Woods as Data Protection Officer

We're pleased to announce Austin Woods as Home Group’s Data Protection Officer (DPO).


GDPR - the European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation – came into effect on Friday, May 25 2018, replacing data protection legislation in all EU Member States, including the UK.

Under GDPR & the Data Protection Act 2018, we are required to appoint a DPO to help ensure that Home Group is compliant with the new legislation. 

As our DPO, Austin Woods will oversee all issues relating to the protection of Personal Data and Special Category Data at Home Group, and will:

• Inform and advise Home Group as an organisation, including colleagues at all levels, of their obligations and compliance status under the regulation;


• Cooperate and work with the relevant authorities, including the Information Commissioner (ICO) and the EU commission, to ensure GDPR & the Data Protection Act 2018 compliance at Home Group;


• Monitor Home Group’s compliance with the regulation, including managing internal data protection activities, staff training, and supporting internal audits;


• Liaise with Home Group’s external partners, including suppliers on data protection matters;


• Manage and raise risks relating to data protection from across the business; and


• Support colleagues with, and provide guidance on, data protection.

All of the responsibilities outlined above will help protect personal data for all of our customers and colleagues.

For any questions about GDPR & the Data Protection Act 2018 at Home Group, including the DPO role itself, you can contact Austin directly at dpo@homegroup.org.uk