Openness and transparency

One of Home Group's fundamental principles is to ensure it is transparent with all its customers and clients in the way we work.

This is why we openly publish key documents and policies allowing you to scrutinise how we work, and to help us improve the way we do things.



In this section you can find the legal structure in which Home Group and its subsidiaries operates, our policies covering staff behaviour, and key financial and performance reports.


You can also have a look at our financial reports and annual reviews and key policies.

Read about our 2017 Annual General Meeting, which took place in July.

Our costs

Home Group Limited has decided to be the first in the UK housing, care and development sector to publish more information about its costs.



Our customers and clients expect us to deliver value for money and we’re determined to be open and transparent about the way we spend as a social enterprise.



Councils and many public bodies are now required to do this.



We're happy to do so on a voluntary basis.



We'll update the information for each month on our Transparency Data page, every four weeks or so.



Where we think it is helpful to provide a short explanation of particular sums paid, you will see reference to a footnote within the attached chart.



Where a payment is subject to a contractual requirement for commercial confidentiality, the name of the creditor has been replaced with the words Redacted: Commercial Confidence.



And where information is classed as personal data, which by law we cannot publish under the Data Protection Act, we have stated Redacted: Personal Data.


Transparency: A guide to spend types