About Home Group

Home Group, a social enterprise and a charity with a turnover of over £350m, is one of the UK’s largest providers of high quality housing and integrated housing, health and social care.

Founded in the North East by an Act of Parliament in the 1930s, our mission is:

“to build homes, independence and aspirations.”

  • We house over 116,000 people a year in around 55,000 homes.
  • Last year this included working with over 26,000 vulnerable people through nearly 500 supported housing, justice and health services. 
  • We are the UK’s largest provider of care and support services with over 40 years’ experience.
  • We have a turnover of over £350 million, and a surplus of over £87 million - all of which is reinvested back into our homes and the communities we work in.
  • We were awarded “Landlord of the Year” (Registered Social) in Property Week’s 2016 RESI Awards, and shortlisted as "Best Large Developer" in the 2017 RESI Awards.
  • Over the next five years, we will build 10,000 new homes.

You can also read our latest annual reviews and financial statements.

Home Group's story

Our customers and clients include the most vulnerable or excluded in society. 

We believe that the main ways that we can help our customers and clients to open doors through: 

  • improving the quality of their housing – through the provision of reliable and fit for purpose housing and housing services;
  • improving their access to affordable housing – through increasing the supply of housing through building more homes; and
  • providing accommodation-based interventions which support aspects of their mental and physical health or welfare.

Our history

1930s - Contrary to popular belief Housing Associations aren’t a product of the 1970s – they have been around a lot longer than that. Home Group is a very good example of this. We started life in the North of England back in the 1930s in response to the problems many ordinary people experienced during the Great Depression. 

Initially we were called The North Eastern Housing Association in 1935. This changed to become an Industrial and Provident Society in 1980.

We are very proud of the fact that we are the only Housing Association to be formed by an Act of Parliament which makes us unique in the sector.


1980s - After being a wholly northern organisation until the late 1970s, Home Group expanded into Yorkshire, the Midlands and then the South of England during the 1980s and 90s. 


1990s - Mergers with a number of other similar organisations called Warden, Stonham and Cleghorn (subsequently renamed Home in Scotland) took place in the late 1990s. 


2003 - In 2003, Nashayman Housing Association (a Black and Minority Ethnic association) joined the Group. 

Then in 2004, as the result of a large-scale voluntary transfer from Copeland Borough Council, Copeland Homes, was formed – as a sub-division of Home Group. 

Our market rent subsidiary Paramount Homes, now known as Live Smart @ Home, was formed in 1997, and Home Group Developments Limited in 2003.

After several further name changes, the association became Home Group Ltd in 1998 and adopted charitable status in 2004.