Based in Norwich, the 4women service supports women of Norfolk, including the most vulnerable.

The service works closely with various partner organisations to provide advice, support and activities. 4women Outreach Support is a new service aimed at women aged 18 years and above living in the Wensum, Coast and Broads areas and who are long-term unemployed and isolated through rural location. The 4women team will be providing localised support and activities across the designated areas. Led by women, for women, the team is ambitious in its achievements for the women accessing this new project.

All clients must be referred and complete an individual assessment and action plan.

4women is open to 9-5 Monday - Friday.

To speak to a member of the team, please telephone Aleksandra Burzec on 0746 4676 743 or Kelly Jones on 0774 1900 624; or email

The support on offer

  • Fitness activities - Weekly activities to promote fitness and health. Varies week by week, so please contact 4women for up-to-date information.
  • Educational courses – accredited courses related to relevant life skills.
  • WOW group – a popular group each week discussing current issues and a chance to give/receive peer support from others.
  • Art group - Relaxed, fun, supportive creative art workshops for women, to make friends and build confidence.
  • Other programmes - We also deliver a selection of other programmes to support women – ring for up-to-date details!

How the service works

4women is supported by local and national funding and utilises volunteers and college placements. If you would like to find out more about this please contact 0300 131 7983.

Are you interested in making a donation or discussing funding with 4women? Please contact the 4women Senior Client Service Manager, Ellie McKinlay-Khojinian on the number above.

How to use the service

To apply for the service or for more information you can contact us at:

4women Centre


Tel: 0300 131 7983


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