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shared ownership

What is shared ownership?

Shared ownership helps people onto the property ladder who cannot afford to buy a home outright, and provides an easier way to become a home-owner. It means that instead of raising a full mortgage on your new home, you can buy part of it and pay a subsidised rent on the un-purchased share.

In the future you can buy more shares until you eventually own the whole property. This is known as “staircasing”.

Staircasing and resales

The purchase of further shares and the re-sale of your shared ownership property are governed by your lease and this can vary from scheme to scheme.

For re-sales or staircasing, please make contact  with the team below and they will confirm the procedure with you, in accordance with the terms in your lease. In some cases there may be specific restrictions with regard to local occupancy or nomination rights.


Please contact the sales team and they will be happy to talk you through the process.

Statutory and Resale Manager Anne Douse: 0191 2907729


Statutory and Resale Advisor Ayshea Lasker: 0191 2907730


Statutory and Resale Advisor Lynne Dixon: 0191 2907724


Or you can write to us at:

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