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repairs and maintenance

non-emergency repairs

Please report all non-emergency repairs online using our repairs website.

This will allow us to clearly prioritise all repairs effectively and speed up our response time.

 Repairs website

emergency repairs 

To report an emergency repair call us immediately. Please click on the link below for the correct telephone number.

 Report an emergency repair

How urgent is your repair?

When you report a repair to us we’ll asses whether it’s an emergency or non-emergency repair. We prioritise emergency repairs.

Emergency repairs

Emergencies are problems that present immediate risks to your safety, security or health, for example, loss of heating, hot water in winter or flooding.

Non-emergency repairs

Non-emergency repairs are things you can reasonably live with for a short time without immediate risk to your safety, security or health, for example, an internal door repair or plastering.

Your responsibilities

Keeping your home in a good condition is a shared responsibility between Home Group and you.

By working together we can ensure your home is maintained to the highest standard possible.

Your rent includes payment towards the cost of most repair and maintenance work, however you also have some responsibilities for keeping your home maintained. This includes being responsible for some minor repairs.

Please note that you are also responsible for repairing anything damaged through wear and tear, misuse or neglect by you, your family or visitors.

If we are called out to carry out repairs that you’re responsible for, these will be charged to you through our chargeable repairs policy. For more information visit our rechargeable repairs page.

> More information on rechargeable repairs

Repairs quick guides - bleeding a radiator

If you feel fully confident in undertaking this task, there’s a handy guide available at http://www.uswitch.com/energy-saving/guides/how-to-bleed-a-radiator/

Please note: If you do not feel confident in carrying out this task, please do not attempt it. The link above is an external site which is not intended to provide professional advice. If you would like any advice, please call us to discuss before attempting.

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