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contents insurance

Many tenants believe that Home Group automatically insures their furniture, belongings and decorations e.g. wall paper against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes.

This is not the case and it is recommended that all tenants take out their own private contents insurance to cover themselves in the unfortunate event that their home is damaged in some way.

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Why get insurance?

The contents of your home are often overlooked, and are often worth thousands of pounds. It is therefore vitally important that you protect yourself if the worst should happen.

There are many contents insurance providers in the UK, which all offer similar products, however there are a number of things to look for when deciding on the correct policy for you. Things to look for include:

  • Excess amount – how much you have to pay before the insurers pay for the rest. Generally the higher amount you are willing to pay, the lower your premium will be.
  • What is the maximum value of an object that is insured under the policy? Some insurers will make you take out separate insurance for items over £1,000 in value
  • Does the policy cover theft from other parts of the property e.g. garages etc.
  • Does the policy replace goods with new ones, or provide you with the value of the current item as it is now e.g. 2 years old

    Benefits of Royal Sun Alliance Policy

    Because Royal Sun Alliance has worked directly with Home Group to design this contents insurance policy for those in social housing, it comes with a number of benefits which other policies do not. These include;

    • New for old policy – they would replace insured items with new replacements if damaged
    • Zero excess to pay when making a claim
    • Easy payment, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually
    • Cover for most household items including TV, video, DVD players and hi-fi even if rented

    How to take out the policy?

    To take out this contents insurance policy with Royal Sun Alliance download the PDF policy booklet and fill out the application form. Once complete send the completed form to:

    Direct Group Property Services
    Quay Point
    Lakeside Boulevard
    DN4 5PL

    Royal Sun Alliance will then assess your application and contact you with the outcome.

    download policy document - PDF (opens in new window)


    Terms and conditions

    Please note: all arrangements are between you and Royal Sun Alliance. To amend your policy or for queries please contact them directly.

    Download the policy

    Download the Royal Sun Alliance insurance policy here. This will provide you with the policy details and the required application form to purchase this insurance policy.

    download the insurance policy here

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