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The Race Online Scheme is a government imitative aimed at getting people online and using the internet in the UK. The government predicts about 8 million people across the UK have no access to the internet, with roughly half of those living in social housing.

What are the benefits of being online?

The benefits to individuals and families being online are huge and not only from a monetary vantage point. The benefits include:

  • Access to information and services 24 hours a day
  • Reduced feeling of isolation: 1m UK +65 year olds often feel lonely
  • Individuals are 25% more likely to find work online
  • Children that are online are more likely to boost future earnings
  • On average you save £129 per year by buying goods online

(Statistics from UK Online centre’s)

Our pledge

As one of the largest organisations in social housing and care and support services, Home Group considers helping all its customers and clients get online as a priority to open doors to new opportunities and healthy lives. We pledge to invest in the creation of a range of online services for our customer and clients, and to continue our work to provide the infrastructure required to enable them to get online.

Cheap computers


As part of the Race Online initative several of the leading computer companies have teamed up to provide people with low cost computers. If you claim benefits you can get them even cheaper!

See the latest deals (opens in new window)

What Home Group does to help?

Helping get our tenants online is a priority here at Home Group and we run a series of activities help all groups get online. View the table below and it will show you just some of the things we are doing to help with the Race Online.

Silver surfer session – These workshops are run across the country teaching individuals basic computer skills to aid them in their everyday lives. Primarily these are for older people, how we also offer these sessions to younger people too.

 More about silver surfer sessions

For the last two years Home Group’s silver surfer sessions have been runner up in the national Spring Online competition.

Looking local – new to Home Group in 2012, our new looking local system allows individuals to access information via their digital TV, mobile phones and even games consoles.

Using this system allows you to find local news, events, contact information and even report a repair or request a rent statement.

 More information about looking local

Accessibility tools – to support people whose first language is not English, and who have additional literacy needs we have installed Google Translate which allows the automatic translation of 64 languages into English. We also provide speech to text software for people that are hard of sight and that have learning difficulties like dyslexia.

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Digital taster sessions

Billy and Fiona accepting award

Home Group is runner up for the Best Event category at Spring Online

 Digital taster sessions

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