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Retirement living - homes to buy

Good living for later life

Home Group’s Independent Living developments help make your retirement living enjoyable and provide a great start to a whole new beginning. Our properties and services allow you to ease into your new life as smoothly as possible. We offer a choice of living spaces designed with your lifestyle needs in mind: from flats and apartments to bungalows. We’re sure to have something that suits your preferred location and price range.

Not only that, our in-house sales team is dedicated to providing you with the right property to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s a quiet residential area and a relaxing garden or a central location close to transport links with the recreational amenities you’ve set your heart on, we’ll help you find your own place, in every way we can.

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Your own place at your own pace

Retirement is all about you. It’s your time to do exactly what you want, your way. With this in mind our leasehold opportunities are designed with practicality in mind and come with easy maintenance as standard. Each of our Independent living developments have been carefully planned to offer convenience, comfort and security with some having a range of communal facilities

Every location and area we’re involved with offers a range of transport links and recreational activities, ensuring a balance of practical living and emotional wellbeing. Our developments are located throughout London, South East and East Anglia and offer a huge choice of residential areas, we’re sure to have properties to interest anyone looking to downsize in later life.

At Home Group we believe that the less time you spend managing your home, the more time you can spend relaxing or whatever it is you choose to do.

For details of what our properties have to offer, please visit our Properties’ page or view our online brochure here.

"I love my home and I love the lifestyle that come with it. Lots going on, or lots of peace and quiet - I've got the best of both worlds."

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We're there for you

Move with us and our retirement living team will guide you through and support you every step of the way. On-site managers are on hand throughout the week across the majority of our sites. Not only do they manage the buildings, services and gardens, they also lead social activities*. These vary from a range of entertainment activities to hosted lunches and community events.

* Not all of our sites offer organised social activities. Please see individual property descriptions for details.

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Your purchase options

We offer a perfect combination of private self contained living arrangements to suit most budgets.

Shared Equity or Outright purchase?

There are two retirement options that Home Group can offer

1) Leasehold Schemes for the Elderly (LSE)

Designed to provide affordable and manageable properties for older or retired people.

Under the scheme you pay a % (usually 70%) of the value of the property. The remaining share is unlike shared ownership schemes you do not pay any rent to Home Group for the % you have not personally purchased. You will however be liable for all service charges.

The 30% you have not purchased is a ‘payment discount’ which is locked into the property. This means that other purchasers can benefit from the discount in the future, as and when the property is sold.

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Am I eligible?                   

This scheme is designed for those who are unable to afford a suitable retirement property on the open market without the benefit of a ‘payment discount’. However you will need to demonstrate that you can afford the costs associated with owning an LSE property and be able to pay the service charge. We would never encourage you to take on a home that you could not comfortably afford the running costs for. You will be asked for proof of savings and income, along with the value of your current home.

An age restriction applies to at least one of the purchasers of each of our leasehold properties. This may be as low as 50 or right up to 60+. You must also be able to demonstrate you are capable of Independent Living.

‘Independent Living’ means owning your own home, in a purpose built development, that on a daily basis you are capable of maintaining; managing your own financial affairs, day-to-day living needs and are sufficiently mobile to live independently within the property and able to evacuate the building unassisted in the event of a fire, capable of using communal areas and joining in the activities and events on offer without assistance. Please note: as part of our standard application process we will be seeking confirmation of your medical status from your GP.

2) Outright purchasing

These private self contained properties and developments offer a competitively priced solution if you have savings or assets and are looking to downsize.

The only requirement is that you can demonstrate you are capable of Independent living and meet the development age criteria.

"I had doubts about moving home eight years ago but have never regretted it. It's a lovely atmosphere and mixing with other residents and the social activities have given me a better quality of life."

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Start enjoying your retirement your way, with Independent Retirement Living from Home Group. We’ve built in convenience, comfort and security, so all you need to focus on is doing whatever you want to do.   

Find out more about what we could do for you: call our sales team on 0845 230 2074.

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