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regeneration projects

Home Group is behind some of the biggest regeneration projects in the UK.

Regeneration is important to us. We believe that we can work together with local people to help create successful neighbourhoods.

Working in partnership with local authorities, developers, other housing providers and the community allows us to transform neighbourhoods.

This partnership approach to regeneration also means we can deliver other benefits such as employment and training initiatives, making sure local people are given a chance to work or train as apprentices on our developments.

Take a look at some of our flagship developments.

Rayners Lane, Harrow

This £140m regeneration project in the London Borough of Harrow will bring the area over 800 new homes, a mix of market sale, shared ownership and social rent. To date, seven of the nine phases of the programme have been completed.

rayners lane estate

SW&N, Sheffield

This £185m redevelopment will see 800 homes replaced with 1,050 new homes in the Scowerdons, Weakland and Newstead area of Sheffield, creating a mix of properties available through a wide range of tenures.

Swan estate - sheffield

Lance Way, High Wycombe

The £25m regeneration of the Lance Way estate in High Wycombe will see the replacement of 142 flats with a range of new properties, through a variety of tenures. A mix of 168 new homes will be built to ensure a balanced and vibrant community.

East Balornock, Glasgow

Home Scotland, working with Glasgow City Council, has embarked upon a £50m regeneration of the East Balornock area, creating around 320 new homes. The first of six phases is now complete.

Mill O’Mains

Home Scotland, together with Dundee City Council, will deliver a mix of affordable homes. At a cost of £27m, there will be a total of over 300 new homes built when complete, and it will provide training and apprenticeships to local people.

girl on mill o mains estate glasgow

Gateshead BIG

With a value of £350m, Gateshead BIG is one of the UK’s largest regeneration opportunities. It is a 15 year project, involving a joint venture with Galliford Try and Gateshead Council which will deliver the redevelopment of at least 19 sites providing 2,400 homes and a level of housing choice not seen on such a scale in the North East before.

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