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On release from prison many offenders have no home and no job to go to. This makes it extremely difficult for them to integrate back into society and maintain what most people consider a normal life.

With no support or advice readily available it often leaves many individuals feeling like they have no other choice be to re-offend continuing the vicious cycle.

Like many other organisations, Home Group provides a number of housing and support services that help ex-offenders integrate back into society and rebuild their lives.

These services include;

  • The provision of a home to live
  • Help and advice on receiving benefits
  • Money management advice
  • Support in finding a job

Additional support can also be offered to ex-offenders by other care and support services that Home Group provides in the local area. This includes services that deal with drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, learning disabilities etc.

Before entering any ex-offender housing scheme a full assessment of the applicant is made by the individuals dedicated support worker. This ensures the eligibility and suitability of the applicant before entering the scheme.

How is ex-offender housing provided?

There are a variety of housing options available for ex-offenders across the UK. The most common type available is that of shared accommodation.

Each service provides an individual with a secure bedroom with basic amenities. This includes a bed, television and en-suite bathroom. Tenants also have access to communal kitchen, laundry and lounge areas.

These services are provided to ex-offenders at a small charge. This charge is covered by the individuals housing benefit and is the responsibility of the individual to pay. Failure to pay this rent can result in the individual being asked to leave the service.

How to apply for housing?

Any ex-offender wishing to apply for housing must complete an application form for the housing scheme they wish to enter.

Details of the housing schemes available can be found by using our Stonham service finder.

Please note: the exact location of the scheme is not disclosed.

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