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client promise

client promise

Our customer promise sets out the service you can expect from us...

A decent home
A home which meets the 'Home Standard'.

Value for money
Clear understanding of cost of services and ability to scrutinise and influence budgetary spend.

A safe place to live
Ensure customers understand and comply with their tenancy agreements - including tackling anti-social behaviour. Complete regular safety checks.

A choice of products and services
Help (signposting) with how to obtain other services.

Reliable services
Good and quick repairs service. Good complaints services. 'One stop shop' for enquiries.

Clear information and opportunities to influence
Clear accessible information through a number of dedicated channels.Various ways to get involved.

People who care
'Do what you say you'll do'.

we will:

Our customer standards give you some more detail about how we will deliver our promise and the service you can expect when you contact us.

  • Provide you with a convenient appointment time for all repairs
  • Respond to emergency requests within six hours
  • Answer the telephone within 30 seconds
  • Respond to complaints, letters and emails within five working days
  • Issue a customer newsletter four times each year
  • Tackle anti-social behaviour quickly and effectively
  • Work with you to improve your neighbourhood
  • Provide a range of accessible opportunities for you to get involved in improving our services

make somebody's day with our promise campaign

We all make promises and no doubt have them made to us by others. We know how good it feels when somebody keeps a promise, and how proud we feel when we keep a promise to somebody else.

If somebody has delivered a promise to you, whether it’s one of our colleagues, your best friend or the milkman, here’s a great way to let them know.

Visit our new e-card site today to send one of our promise e-cards.

E-cards are a great way to thank someone for keeping their promise, or to make a promise of your own.

get involved

If you’d like to get involved and help us improve the way we deliver our customer promise, find out more here.

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